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Welcome to Pet Lovers' Piddle Covers
We Make the Ugly Look Good!

image The Pet Lovers’ Piddle Cover is a new way to add an attractive housing or cover over your pet’s potty area in the home. The Piddle Cover protects and hides your pet's business on a Piddle Pad or in a Litter Box.
Using a piddle pad or litter box with the Piddle Cover System indoors is also great for small dogs that are elderly, sick or have joint or bone problems. In addition, the Piddle Cover is a perfect complement to your existing piddle pad or litter box for apartment/condo owners or pet owners without a yard!

Having your small pet outside while doing its business can be a dangerous thing; other animals, pools,  and environmental conditions can all add up to be a frightening experience for your pet.  This is why the Piddle Cover is a great way to ensure a safe and secure way for your pet to get its business done!
The Pet Lovers’ Piddle Cover is a great way to ensure your pet stays safe while using an indoor potty area and fits all standard size litter boxes and piddle pads.  If you own a pet that uses one of these, you need a Pet Lovers’ Piddle Cover!

image image image image

The Pet Lovers' Piddle Cover is great for any pet that uses a litter box or Piddle Pad!

  • Designer covers to cover pet's potty places
  • Deters children and other animals from touching contents
  • Prevents contents from spilling out
  • Will fit over most piddle pads, litter boxes and other piddle systems
  • Covers are completely machine washable and re-usable
  • Discourages children or other pet's from touching the contents
  • Prevents the contents from "spilling out"
  • Great for rabbits and small dogs that use piddle pads!

View Popular Piddle Covers or View Our Gallery Here







Property Maintenance Stoney Creek, Landscape Maintenance Ancaster Grimsby

I’ve always loved the smell of soil, especially good quality top-soil. To me, there is no better scent that describes Spring.  Except maybe fresh-cut grass….anyway, those two together are heaven sent and smell like promise. 

I think the best feeling is getting outside and getting your hands dirty.  There is something so cathartic about nurturing my gardens and yard to prepare it for the season ahead.  I love to get out there on the first, barely warm enough day and clean things up.  Just a few hours of work can really make a difference after the havoc the winter months have created for your garden. 

The thing is, I often just don't have the time in my already busy schedule to squeeze in ANYTHING else, let alone keeping up with the yard work.  I do, however, have VERY high standards when it comes to the way my outdoor property is maintained and I like to keep it looking healthy, pruned, and just right.  So I did what anyone would do, I asked my friends who they could recommend for Property Maintenance in the Ancaster to Grimsby area, three out for four said “Scenic Heights, hands down”.  So I called and out they came to my home.  They took care of everything from mowing to fertilizing, pruning, and debris clean up.  I’ve planned to have them back to add to my existing landscape and garden.  I was so happy with their service that, just like my friends, I’ve referred them to my employer and Scenic Heights now ensures the Property Maintenance for our Stoney Creek location.

So this year, the only thing better than getting my hands dirty, was having the Scenic Heights crew do it for me!

Family Lawyer Hamilton, Divorce Attorney, Child Support, Custody, Property Division

My sister called last week.  She calls all the time, and I call her all the time.  Our conversation is usually the same consisting of the usual questions; you know, how are the kids? How is work?  What is up with Mom lately??  It’s typical for us to have a good, from the stomach laugh as we discuss our lives and what’s going on with each other.

This call was a little different. This time her voice was a little too strained and her naturally cheery disposition was a little too forced.  I had to call her out on it, I had to know what was up.  As she talked, I was only half listening as I was thinking about what could be wrong and how I was going to tactfully ask her, when all of a sudden she said “(husband) and I have decided to get a divorce”.  The best thing that I could think of to say to her was, “oh”.  Nice of me, eh?  It’s not that it was a total shock but hearing those words were.

I hung up the phone and drove over to her place.  On the way I picked up coffee.  As we sipped, she told me that she has already signed a Divorce Attorney at Sapiano Family Law.  That Linda Sapiano is a well-respected Family Lawyer in Hamilton and that she felt very confident that she would be well represented and that her and her family’s best interest would be kept in the forefront. 

There were still a lot of things that she and her soon-to-be-Ex needed to discuss and hopefully come to a compromise like; Custody, Child Support, and their Property Division.  But these things take time and she now has the proper legal guidance and advice.

Sourcing Quoting Software Company, Sales Software, Costing Software

The world of today is not only smaller but it moves at a faster pace than ever before.  The same is true when in regards to the business world.  Time is money and streamlining your businesses every day procedures is a sure way to not only stay on top but to get ahead.

There are several software tools in the current market and with so many to choose from, it can be difficult to find a perfect fit for your business and its specific needs.  By using any of, or a combination of Sourcing Software, Sales Software, and Costing Software; your company will be better able to understand real costs and in turn, make higher profit.

Oakville Criminal Lawyer, DUI Lawyer Oakville

While out for a run the other night, in my rather quiet suburban neighborhood, I turned a corner and instantly saw the familiar flashing lights of a police car.  It was way up ahead of me and I couldn’t really tell what was going on.  Since there was only on police vehicle, I assumed it was pretty safe to continue my route (I was also close to home and turning around would have been very inconvenient, though I would have for safety’s sake).  I crossed the street to put me at distance and give them some space.  Sure enough, as I jogged closer towards them, another police vehicle was pulling up.  I thought to myself “it might be a good time for this person to consider calling an Oakville Criminal Lawyer They must have asked the person to get out of the car.  She did.

I kept my pace and tried my hardest not to rubber-neck and since I was across the street, I couldn’t hear what was being said but I could see the breathalyzer being brought from one of the cruisers. Oh boy, that’s a biggie.  Guilty or not, this women should definitely be in touch with a DUI Lawyer in Oakville. 

Bathroom Renovations in Burlington

Open Concept Renovations is a family business built on referrals and a strong community presence in Burlington. With over ten years of experience we are proud to provide our customers with a competitively priced, build & renovation team. We'll help you refine your vision and provide a complete solution for your everyday Home Renovation project; including Bathroom, Kitchens, Basement and Bathroom Renovations in Burlington.

ENL Waterproofing
ENL Waterproofing offers customers living in Burlington Waterproofing solutions that work for them.  ENL is committed to making sure your home is dry and comfortable. 

Forevergreen Landscaping
If you want to rejuvenate your home and landscape, but don't know where to start, a professional consultation with one of Forevergreen Landscaping's design experts is your first step to the landscape of your dreams. At Forevergreen Landscaping in Oakville, we know that you have a lot of ideas, and no one knows what would make your yard perfect better than you, but it can be hard to translate those ideas into a clear and concise plan. That's where we come in. We can give to the help you need to turn your ideas and goals into a real plan.

Kitchen Renovation in Milton
Trust the expert team at Green Maple Home Renovations to walk you through each step of your Kitchen Renovation in Milton. From start to finish, in making your custom dream kitchen come true!  We get the job done on time and on budget!

Mike’s Concrete
If you’re looking for a team of high quality concrete craftsmen then you’ve come to the right place! Mike’s Concrete in Hamilton offers well-trained specialists that can assist you across a wide range of concrete designs and repairs including in re-creating driveways, garages, backyards and poolsides, patios, pathways, and sideways. With thirty-five years of experience behind us, Mike’s Concrete are equipped with the latest processes and latest technologies to ensure that your job is done right.

Jump Start DJ
Jump Start DJ is the premiere DJ service serving Hamilton, ON and the surrounding area including the GTA and the Niagara Regions. Jump Start DJ wants to jump start your next event! We specialize in music that will get your guest out on the dance floor and offer an over-the-top DJ service that will guarantee you an event to be remembered.

A Mineral Spa is an inground spa that combines the beauty of a water garden with the health benefits of natural mineral water and hydrotherapy. Built to be both durable and visually appealing, they are a perfect complement to any backyard decor. A mineral spa will enhance the look of your property while providing hours of unparalleled relaxation. The need to compromise between creating a water garden and installing a spa is over.

Home Alarm System in Hamilton

Alliance Security alarm monitoring is one of the easiest and most economical ways to protect your home. Having a monitored security system installed means that whenever you arm your security system someone will be continually watching over your home. Our alarm monitoring service is available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. As long as you turn on your home security system then our monitoring station will be advised if your alarm system is set off for any reason. You can’t control everything in life, but if you want to curb who comes into your home, trust Alliance Security.

Kitchen Renovation in Oakville

A fabulous kitchen and bathroom design begins with space planning knowledge and artistic vision. Choices for materials and amenities can be limitless; however, it is the foresight and experience we at 360 Custom Contracting have that will match you with the right product to fit your aesthetic, functionality, and budgetary needs. We invest our expertise and reputation in working with you so the investment you make in your kitchen or bathroom exceeds your expectations and satisfies all your cooking, living, and entertaining needs.

360 Custom Contracting
Every decade brings new standards, expectations of comfort, of heating and of maintenance. As well as a new set of needs and desires regarding living space and how it is used. Yet many houses that need to be updated have an underlying charm, beauty, and grace that are far too lovely to tamper with. Trust 360 for all of your basement renovation in Oakville. Or choose 360 for Kitchen or Bath Renovation in Burlington.

Growing Gardens Landscaping in Milton
Being a leader in the landscaping business for nearly 20 years, Growing Gardens, landscaping in Burlington has developed a high-level of expectations for the creativity and customer service that goes into every project. We ensure only the best products are chosen to ensure the best results.

Roger's Landscaping in Oakville
Roger's Landscaping has been established in Oakville since 1989. Our hands on approach has kept the workmanship of our projects top quality weather big or small. We are large enough to handle the big jobs yet small enough to be personal.


A fabulous kitchen and bathroom design begins with space planning knowledge and artistic vision.  Choices for materials and amenities can be limitless; however, it is the foresight and experience we at 360 Custom Contracting have that will match you with the right product to fit your aesthetic, functionality, and budgetary needs.  We invest our expertise and reputation in working with you so the investment you make in your Oakville kitchen or bathroom renovation exceeds your expectations and satisfies all your cooking, living, and entertaining needs. .

Gold Tan & Sunset Spa Mississauga

Gold Tan & Sunset Spa is dedicated to providing a unique spa and tanning experience with state of the art tanning equipment in a clean comfortable environment. We pride ourselves in providing the highest level of customer service and quality of tan. Gold Tan Mississauga & Sunset Spa offers an extensive variety of equipment at the greatest value for packages and memberships that will surely satisfy the most discriminating tanner. You owe it to yourself to experience the best Mississauga has to offer. 

Bouncy Castle Rental Mississauga

Whether you are looking for bouncy castle rentals in Mississauga including bouncers, combo units, obstacle courses, and slides, or concessions including popcorn rentals, cotton candy, and snow cone makers, we have just what you need to make your next party a huge success.  All of our products are guaranteed to be clean, safe and reliable for a worry-free party.

Metal Roofing Company in Canada

Looking to re-roof in Burlington? Call the experts at Ontario Shake N' Tile - experts in Ontario Shake ‘n Tile proudly represents Kassel & Irons, a leading manufacturer of quality steel roofing in Canada. Our premier steel roofing utilizes specialized coatings to protect your roof and reflect away the sun’s heat. The results are lower energy costs and a cooler home in summer. Attic heat gain can be reduced by up to 25%.

Looking to redesign your kitchen?
Look to the experts at M&M Renovation in Mississauga.

Whether it's remodelling and renovating the Kitchen in an older home, upgrading the inadequate builder's grade Kitchen of your newer home, or a one-of-a-kind design to bring your new custom home to life. If you need a Kitchen Design in Kitchener then Kitchen Living & Beyond by Roya is the solution. Once you have a basic layout in mind and some thoughts on your preferred products, our Kitchen Renovation Specialists in Mississauga will visit your home to take precise measurements. They will discuss your lifestyle, personal tastes and budgets.

Uber Custom Storage

All of the best items ideas begin with a bit of inspiration. While it may seem like an area that is unworthy of effort, Uber Custom Storage find closets to be the perfect candidate for a bit of a makeover. Closet Organization Mississauga has been turning these relatively dull places into balanced, dynamic areas. See how Uber can offer Closet Organization Solutions in Oakville closet design can use state-of-the-art storage strategies and elegant craftsmanship to make your closet a beautiful room.

Cottage Rental

Just 30 minutes from the summer bustle of Parry Sound, the 7-acre private forested location on quiet Ahmic Lake can be your home for a winter weekend, spring or fall break, or a lazy summer vacation on the water.  Lulu’s Repose offers Cottage Rental in Parry Sound.  If you are looking for supreme privacy, million dollar views, beautiful sandy waterfront, and outstanding accommodation, this impressive post and beam log home on Ahmic Lake delivers all these must-have criteria.

Oakville Electrician

Don’t wait for a disaster to happen. Allow one of our highly trained and licensed technicians to inspect and repair the residential or commercial electrical issue. Trained to be compliant with local and national electrical codes, our Oakville Electrician team at Pro-Connect is your trusted residential and commercial experts.

Criminal Lawyers in Ontario

Serious criminal cases require serious representation. Not every criminal lawyer has the skill and talent to defend you in Criminal Court. Anyone who has passed the bar can defend someone in court, but not everyone can do so effectively, It is a well-established fact that the skill and talent of your lawyer will have an impact on the outcome of your case. When you hire the St. Catharines Criminal Lawyers at Raftery & Wendl, an experienced criminal defense attorney in St. Catharines area, will represent you personally.

Web Design in Hamilton

Your business deserves a website design by professionals and your customers deserve a pleasurable, straightforward experience. Our web designs can bring out your business’ potential, improve productivity, and achieve a higher level of proficiency.  Just because you have a website does not mean that your business will be successful. In today’s online market, it takes more! At Hamilton Web Design we’ll review your entire business process and offer you a range of options to improve your online visibility.  


Piddle Covering Piddle Pad Cover Litter Box Cover